Counselling is fundamentally a hopeful endeavour--people engage in counselling because they believe that things can get better. How that can happen is not always apparent to persons stuck in the midst of problems.

Balance & Coherence

At the core of Gary's practice is the belief that people desire balance in their lives and that a feeling of balance, in large part, originates in a person's sense of coherence. People experience coherence when the parts of their lives fit together and things make sense--when one's experience of the world matches one's understanding of the world and when what we do fits with who we want to be.


Change is inevitable. Gary's role as a counsellor in facilitiating change is to help clients articulate what is preferred in their lives and explore the gap between their currently undesirable experiences of life and the way they would rather life be experienced. In exploring the difference between what is not desired and what is preferred careful attention is paid to factors that influence things for the better or the worse.